Maydm Receives $25K Grant

by Taylor Kennedy


Maydm, a¬†nonprofit organization that works with students through interactive project-based programming to demystify technology and programming, received $25,000 from the University of Wisconsin’s Philanthropy Lab class,¬†representatives announced recently.

“The course explores philanthropy and civic engagement through giving time, money and effort to a public purpose,” UW-Madison Professor Cynthia Jasper said in a statement. “Students decide on the distribution of $50,000 to support philanthropic goals that reflect their values.”

According to a release, Maydm will use the money to launch an initiative aimed at working with 16 high school girls over six months, teaching them life and technology skills.

Horizon High School and Malawi Children’s Village were the other two nonprofits to receive grant money, receiving $10,000 and $15,000, respectively.