Re Mixers Receives $500K

by Taylor Kennedy

Re Mixers

Re Mixers, an industrial adhesive company, received $500,000 in funding from N29 Capital Partners, the company recently announced.

According to a release, the company produces an epoxy nozzle that provides better mixing of the ingredients while dramatically reducing the amount of expensive material wasted when the epoxy hardens inside the nozzle.

Co-founders Eric Ronning and Brian Pekron, both past engineering students at the University of Wisconsin, participated in D2P, which also provided a $65,000 grant.

“D2P helped us realize a business strategy that was realistic, which is vital when starting any venture,” Ronning said in a statement.

Re Mixers has its office at Sector67 and looks to sell its epoxy nozzle product within the next year.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Miller/University of Wisconsin–Madison