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InvivoSciences Earns $700K Grant

InvivoSciences announced today it is the recipient of a $700,000 SBIR grant. According to a release, the money from the National Institute of Aging will help InvivoSciences collaborate with the Torrey Pines…

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InvivoSciences, Hamamatsu to Collaborate

InvivoSciences and New Jersey-based Hamamatsu today announced a joint collaboration that ultimately may help accelerate preclinical drug discovery in regenerative medicine. According to a release, technology developed by Hamamatsu will be…


InvivoSciences, Torrey Pines to Collaborate

InvivoSciences, Inc. and Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies (TPIMS) announced today they will be working together to accelerate drug discovery in cardiac disease. “We are especially proud and pleased…