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WIN crowdfunding

Panel: Crowdfunding Good for Small Biz Only

New crowdfunding laws on the state and federal level are best suited to help small businesses only, according to a panel discussion at the monthly Wisconsin Innovation Network luncheon held…

Henry Schwartz press conference

MobCraft Begins Crowdfunding Through New Law

MobCraft BeerĀ is the first company in Wisconsin to raise capital through the state’s new crowdfunding law, the company announced earlier today at a press conference held at Monona State Bank….

Photo from Gov. Walker's Facebook page

State Crowdfunding Bill Becomes Law

Gov. Scott Walker signed into law the CASE for Jobs Act, which allows state businesses to raise money through crowdfunding, at a ceremony held today at University Research Park. “This…

Rep Dave Craig

Assembly Passes Crowdfunding Bill

The Wisconsin State Assembly on Tuesday passed the CASE for Jobs bill, which would allow state businesses to raise money through crowdfunding. “(On Tuesday) the Wisconsin State Assembly stated loud…