Local Startups Attend SXSW

by Taylor Kennedy

Photo from Bankmybiz’s Facebook page

Madison Startups caught up recently with staff from 900dpiBankmybiz.com and Solstice, all of whom attended SXSW earlier this month in Austin, Texas.

The common goal was to build brand awareness and network, according to representatives of each company.

“We got to speak with countless potential customers that gave us a ton of great feedback on our product,” Aaron Larner of 900dpi said. “We also had the opportunity to present at Austin Tech Breakfast and spread the word about our product.”

Along with meeting potential customers comes the opportunity to meet potential investors, as was the case for Michael Adam, Adam Braus and Nathan DauSchmidt of Bankmybiz.com.

“Our objectives were to meet investors and spread the vision of Bankmybiz.com,” Adam said. “We want to raise our first $500,000 with a like-minded financial partner.”

In addition to seeing (and staying with) his Madison counterparts, Michael Fenchel of Solstice made the following observation:

“Madison has a better startup vibe than Austin.”