Portable Scores Launches Kickstarter Campaign

by Natalie Hurley

Photo courtesy of Portable Scores

Bob Baddeley got the idea of creating Portable Scores in 2006, and after seven years of hard work, the company is today launching a Kickstarter campaign for its DigiTally.

Designed to be a multisport scoreboard that is lightweight and easy-to-transport, DigiTally creates the ability for any game to be “official.”

“We have a design that we are ready to share with the world, but the startup costs for a product this large are beyond our means,” Baddeley said. “We plan to push really hard for as much attention as we can get early on to get that initial boost that will carry the project the rest of the way.”

Baddeley said the Kickstarter campaign is necessary to pay for startup costs, establish a price point and attract potential retailers, distributors and investors. Plus, “banks won’t lend, and individual schools and leagues can’t pre-order in enough quantities to get us started,” he said.

Pledges range from $5, which includes a hand-signed postcard, to $1,000, which includes having your name engraved on the back of all DigiTally circuit boards. Funding ends on April 14, with a target goal of $220,000.

“This campaign will help us validate our product and market demand,” Baddeley said.